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RUST | How To Make a MODDED Rust Server [TUTORIAL 2020] - YouTube. RUST | How To Make a MODDED Rust Server [TUTORIAL 2020] Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback. While the vanilla game is fun, many people enjoy Rust modded servers as it adds another layer of action and thrills the original version doesn't. As you play Rust, you will have to face a lot of perils. However, with a lot of practice, you shall be able to defend yourself from the different kinds of dangers that you are likely to encounter

Wie installiere Mods auf meinem Rust Server. Aus 4netplayers Support Wiki. Wechseln zu: Navigation. , Suche. Miete dir jetzt deinen eigenen Rust Gameserver auf 4Netplayers.com. Stelle bitte als erstes sicher dass das Oxide-Plugin unter Addons aktiviert ist. Ohne dieses laufen Mods in der Regel nicht There are many reasons to set up a modded RUST server. Server owners will use plugins in order to offer unique and customized experiences for their players. Plugins, otherwise known as mods (short for modifications), are small portions of code that enable extra functionality that doesn't exist in the core game. RUST server plugins can also be used to add additional tooling for server owners and admins The uMod framework is a popular modding platform that allows RUST server owners to install and manage custom RUST server plugins. By the end of this guide, it will have covered the basic information needed for installing uMod to a self-hosted Windows-based RUST server

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Jetzt kannst du den Server normal starten, wenn sich jetzt im Rust-Verzeichnis des Servers eine Compiler.exe befindet hast du erfolgreich Oxide installiert! Jetzt kannst du deine Mods Plugins die du unter Umod runterladen kannst benutzen Modding How to Install a Mod (Manually) The following basic guide will show you how to install a mod manually on your Rust server Step 1: Log into your game panel and click 'stop' on your service, we suggest you save your server in game first. (This is very important) Step 2: Go to the website: www.forum.rustoxide.com and navigate to 'Resources' at the top of the page Step 3: Find the. 10 Times Resource Server Setup. To make your server a 10 times resources server, simply enter the following commands within your game console (enter your console by pressing F1) or your RCon console: gather.rate dispenser * 10. gather.rate pickup * 10. gather.rate quarry * 10. gather.rate survey *10. dispenser.scale tree 10. dispenser.scale ore 1 Absolut Combatby. Fully customizable combat mod. Create gear and weapon sets that can be unlocked. rust imported broken unmaintained. v3.0.0. 217. 26 Hier habt ihr die aktuellen Modded Server Einstellungen im Überblick: Server IP: : 28015 - Mapsize: 4000 - Map Seed: 23716682 - Stabilität: Ja - Radiation: Ja - Zerfall: Ja - PVP / PVE: Ja - Server Eigener Shop: Ja - Modded - DDOS Protect - Erfahrene & Aktive Admins Plugins: - AntiOfflineRaid - BotSpaw

To make your own Rust server you have to rent a Rust server hosting. Iconic in the way that every player starts naked, with nothing more than a rock in their hands. Rust was developed by Facepunch Studios and originally released as an early access game way back in 2013. Rust had its full release in 2018, and before this time the graphics engine was completely overhauled, making the game look. When creating a Modded Rust Server, you'll be presented with thousands of unique plugins which you can implement onto your server. However, choosing the right plugins for your server is crucial as they will impact the players experience and gameplay Patched for April 8th optional Rust update (protocol 2293.205.1) Patched for April 6th optional Rust update (protocol 2293.205.1) Exposed networking fields/methods as public. Moved OnEntityTskeDamage hook after fun damage handling. Expose networking fields/methods as public. Move IOnBaseCombatEntityHurt lower Hat den Titel des Themas von [GER] Rust RP Server - Casual - Modded / NO KOS zu [GER] Rust RP Server - Casual - Whitelisted / Modded / NO KOS geändert. DGL. 5. DGL. Fortgeschrittener. Erhaltene Likes 41 Beiträge 40. 20. Januar 2021 #2; Wir haben mittlerweile schon 20 aktive Spieler einen Frischen Wipe vom 19.01.2021 auf eine größere Karte. Wir freuen uns auf neue nette. This is the online store for our Rust Modded server. We thank you for your donations towards our Great server. These donations help us maintain our server & continuously improve it. To join Rusticaland's Modded Rust Server, Open command box [F1] in-game then type connect rusticaland.ddns.net:28015 To join Rusticaland's Vanilla Rust Server, Open command box [F1] in-game then type connect.

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https://www.twitch.tv/zargoz_13 https://discord.gg/ZXbKDSX https://www.instagram.com/zargoz_13/ https://twitter.com/ZargoZ_LP Wenn ihr mich unters.. Server Mods Unser Rust Server ist modded, diese Vorteile gegenüber Vanilla Rust hast du: Der allgemein loot aus der Umgebung (Natürliche Ressourcen, Truhen/Kisten/Fässer) ist x2. Ein lvl-up System, dass dich für deine Handlungen im Spiel belohnt. Diverse item-stacks sind angepasst, primär sind die stackgrößen erhöht Rust ; Modded Rust Legacy Server - Looking for players Modded Rust Legacy Server - Looking for players. rust legacy; rust; By BooGaBrown, April 22, 2020 in Rust. Share Followers 0. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. BooGaBrown 0 BooGaBrown 0 Gamer; Members; Reputation: 0. The Rust server can be taxing on your host but maybe not as much as you would think. As a baseline a 3 square km (default gen size) map freshly generated will run at close to 2 gigabytes of ram. After some stress testing and 150k entities later, can use 6+ gigabytes of memory. So I would suggest having at least 7 gigs allocated per server. Installing and updating SteamCMD. SteamCMD is the.

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Anyone here know how to mod the rust servers for the life of me i cant remember how to do it.Havent modded one in a very longtime.If i you can mod them add me so we can talk.Ill throw a donation to your clan for the help Rust modded server. Contribute to kus/rust-modded-server development by creating an account on GitHub These two servers are both modded. They both have players 60 and 12 respectively. The more players and entities will slowly bring the usage of the server up. SteamCMD. SteamCMD is the command line version of the Steam Client - this allows you to install and update Dedicated Server files using batch files. First create a folder on your machine for SteamCMD, you will only need one copy per. If you installed via Rust Server Manager, the config parameters will be under the 'Server Config' tab. Linux users should be using LGSM to edit their config via command line. Typing nano rustserver.cfg should let you edit parameters to your heart's content. If the file doesn't exist or doesn't have the relevant parameters, refer to our dedicated server guide for the correct setup. Replace. How do yall think the modded servers on rust console is gonna be. Discussion. Like what do you think console will be able to mod and stuff like that. 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. 86% Upvoted . Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. 1 month ago. I am going to guess gather rate is going to be the very first guarantee. Then you might get lucky with.

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dump server diagnostics to [rust>rustds>diagnostics] global.find( string Name ) Search for a command global.echo( string output ) Prints something to the debug output airdrop.drop( void ) no description cui.test( void ) no description global.ent kill ent kill Destroys/kills the entity you're targeting (looking at) Useful binding for admins:bind q ent kill global.ent lock ent lock locks. Die Dedicated-Server-Software von Rust kann grundsätzlich parallel zum Spiel-Client laufen, sodass Sie einen eigenen Rust-Server theoretisch direkt auf Ihrem Heim-PC hosten und diesem Server vom gleichen Gerät aus beitreten können. Dabei gilt es allerdings zu bedenken, dass beide Anwendungen Rechenkapazitäten, Strom und Breitband-Ressourcen in Anspruch nehmen. Sofern Sie nicht über ei

Browse and find the best Rust Modded servers throughout the world. Vote for your favorite on our Rust server lis Once you have uploaded your mods, restart your server. Once it is up, please stop it again. Now connect via Filezilla to the Saves-FTP ( saves.4netplayers.com ) Rusticaland - Modded - Rust server located in Finland. Max Players: 100, Map: Procedural, Version: 2293, Mode: modded - Visit us for more info about Rusticaland - Modde 00:22 Installation von Oxide auf unserem Rust-Server 02:19 Wie man Mods für Rust herunterlädt und installiert (Mods herunterladen) 04:44Konfigurieren Sie die auf unseren Server heruntergeladenen Mods (Änderungen konfigurieren) 06:20 Rust Administrator-Befehle (Besitzerbefehle) 6:54 So legen Sie sich als Eigentümer auf Ihrem Rust-Server fest (machen Sie einen Administrator) 5- So legen Sie.

.yml a record account account credit accounts add funds add worlds add-on addon address already in use admin advancements advertise server advertising affiliate allocate more ram allocating more ram to minecraft analyze app apply credit to invoice ark ark connect ark epic ark mods ark steam Asia Pacific atlauncher Attack of the B-Team australia. uMod is a modding implementation for Rust that enables servers to run community-developed plugins. Generally speaking, well-written and maintained plugins will not diminish Rust server performance. A small block of code in any one of your plugins can completely destroy your server's performance without you even knowing. It is imperative that you only use plugins that you know to be performance. Modding Tools. Visual Studio Community (2019) Technically speaking: code is just text files. However, you are a human and not a computer. You need colours to show the layout of the code. You need a program that will find and highlight errors in the code before you ever run it. You need an autocompleted list of every possible option (known as intellisense) That said, I still hear some arguments. Rust servers hosted by Shockbyte are automatically added to the Community or Modded server list in Rust, depending on if your server is modded or un-modded. If your server is not appearing in this list, it is usually caused by one of multiple common reasons. If your server is not appearing in the Rust server lists, it can usually be solved with one of the following steps: Update your Rust. If the Rust server is using the Procedural Map and a seed is not set in the config when the wipe commands will set a Oxide is an API allowing you to run mods for your Rust server. LinuxGSM now handles the install of Oxide for Rust, with mods-install and mods-update commands../rustserver mods-install. If a Rust update has been released, then an Oxide update will soon follow. To update Oxide.

Find the best Rust Servers in North America. We have the most detailed server tracking for Rust. Just Wiped find the latest wiped Rust Servers ☰ Home Wipes Maps Hosting. New. Sign in and create your own profile Filter. Extended Search. The servers have been filtered. Click here to adjust the filter parameters. A1 Seattle Rust, Noobs Welcome [05/13 Map Wipe, 05/06 BP wipe] BP Wipe. Wipe 7. The best and most popular modded Rust server hosting pack around is Oxide. A hosting company that provides support for Oxide is a good sign they are aware of the game's audience. Oxide installation is simple as long as you have FTP access and are allowed to change files on your Rust server. Once you have Oxide installed you can manage mods and alter the way the game works. Experience with. Server Events Modded. Hier stehen alle Kommende / Abgelaufene Events die wir auf dem Server veranstalten . Server Adressen. Unsere Server; Server Einstellungen / Regeln. Server Einstellungen Vanilla; Server Wipe Zyklus Vanilla; Server Ankündigungen ; Server Regeln; Server Events. Server Events Vanilla; Server Vote. Server Vote Vanilla; Informationen. Neuigkeiten Rund um Rust; Oft gestellte. Browse and find the best Rust PvE servers throughout the world. Vote for your favorite on our Rust server lis

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Unlike other Rust server hosting providers, we make sure not to overburden our servers-- that means we maintain an average of only 12 customers per device. This allows your server to access more CPU cores, disk IOs, and RAM. More power per user means your server will have protection against the common headaches of lag and crashes Best Rust Hosting. The #1 comparison site for Rust game server hosting providers.. Wanna buy a Rust server? We compiled a list of Rust server rental companies so you won't have to search for them yourself.. Easily compare between them and choose the hosting provider that fits you best, whether you need a cheap server, a fully-featured server, or auto mod installation, you can find it here Über MeinRust.de. MeinRust wurde im Jahr 2019 vom Gaming-Netzwerk Square-Knights gegründet und bietet allen Gaming- und Gameserverbegeisterten eine kostenfreie Plattform zur Kommunikation rund um das Spiel Rust mit folgenden Themen Gameserver, Modifikationen, Showcases für Map´s & Prefab´s, Vorstellungen und mehr an.. Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß auf » MeinRust.d One way the best servers aid your success is in the area of installation of mods. Installing the best mods could give you an edge over other teams. There are several other important facts to know about Rust gameplay. The most important of them, however, is the need to get the best-dedicated server to host the game on. About the Rust Servers on our List. Rust is a server intensive and highly. Access to our custom Game Server Management Panel The in-house Survival Servers game control panel allows you to configure and customize your Rust game server. Install supported mods / maps, switch locations, and change any setting with our easy one click form. Survival Servers is a Rust dedicated game server provider with our custom panel

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  1. Biggest modded server Community in Rust since 2014 - High performance dedicated machines sum up to a smoother Rust experience - Custom plugins and Better AntiCheat, unique Events, FAST Support - ADULT server management, advanced script and cheat monitoring - Skip Queue is available, check VIP section at www.isrusty.net Also click the Discord link at the website if you need any help or have any.
  2. s und Mods. Wenn du Fragen hast oder dich bewerben möchtest komm gerne auf uns zu. NeoNovita. Owner. Novex. Ad
  3. JUST WIPED - Rust Imperial X2 [No Limit] [Modded] Server. JUST WIPED.-----Rust Imperial X2 [ NO LIMIT ] [ Hard Modded PVP SERVER With a lot of CUSTOM PLUGINS. ] client.connect Our WEBSITE: https://imperials.games/ Our Discord Group: https://discord.gg/q85DhD2. Modded Server Spec: Plugins: BlackJack Casino, Economics, Imperial Diamonds, Season Battle Pass in Cyberpunk.
  4. Gamers can now install Rust mods on their server easily and quickly, due to the free FTP access. It is possible to put in new missions or new elements like weapons and tools. And when the RAM gets too low due to the modifications, there is no need to worry as gamers can downgrade their server with few clicks, by selecting a RAM boost, which is made available to the gamer right after a server.
  5. Information about players who playing on server NotMitnick 10x Modded Events. Dashboard; Add Server; Updates. Client Updates Server Updates. Servers. All Servers Staging Servers Rust Servers on World Map Top25 Servers Low Entities Servers. About RSI. Contacts About. Paid Services; Telegram Bot; API; Other Games; NotMitnick 10x Modded Events - Players informations. Servers. NotMitnick 10x.

Rust Server mieten, Top Gameserver für Rust zum kleinen Preis, sofort verfügbar ab 3,78€/Mona Mit Rust Server Hosting erhalten Sie einen leistungsstarken Server mit höherer Geschwindigkeit und größerer Bandbreite. Außerdem verfügen sie über Rechenzentren an verschiedenen Orten auf der Welt, und Sie erhalten den Server, der Ihrem Standort am nächsten liegt. Auf diese Weise erhalten Sie eine unübertroffene Leistung im Vergleich zu einer Heim-Internetverbindung oder öffentlichem. Du kannst alle verfügbaren Mods installieren. So kannst Du zum Beispiel den beliebten Oxide Mod problemlos installieren und damit zahlreiche Plugins ebenfalls nutzen. question_answer Häufige Fragen . question_answerRust Server kaufen statt mieten? arrow_drop_down. Wir können Dir aufgrund von laufenden Kosten (Strom, Hardwareverschleiß, Traffic, Anbindung, Klimatisierung, Service. In order to connect to Squill's Cave EU/UK 2x Modded server you can use direct Steam connection link, or copy console command and paste it in Rust console.. Connect via Steam. Once you press button above, Rust will be launched and try to connect server. This method doesn't work properly in some browsers

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Mieten Sie einen Rust-Server bei DeinServerHost, zahlen Sie für alle Slots den gleichen Preis: Egal, ob Sie 20 oder 200 Spieler auf dem Server haben möchten. Sie zahlen nur mehr, wenn Sie mehr RAM dazubuchen. Für die minimalen 5120 MB RAM zahlen Sie für einen Monat 10 Euro. Der Server ist zudem DDoS-geschützt You want a fast and easy way to create a Rust game server? We can help. View All Plans Creating a game server can be complicated and intimidating. Home servers are laggy and friends can never connect. You deserve better. We've helped thousands of people create their own private game server. Create your own instantly today! How It Works. 1. Choose a Server. Select a server based on the number.

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  1. utes to download from the Steam servers. Your Rust Server will be joinable in a matter of
  2. Recommended for anyone who wants to use mods on their server. Rust can only be played in multiplayer mode and was inspired by DayZ and Minecraft. The game offers a lot of space for creativity and does not follow any action, because survival is the only priority. The players alone can decide how the game develops. Unlike other titles, players cannot change the appearance of their character.
  3. Their Rust server comes with DDoS prevention, which ensures your server is online all the time, encounters low latency, and is always playable. Other features included in the ScalaCube Rust server hosting are full FTP access, free domain, and Oxide support. You also get advanced SSD drives so you can play your game super-fast. Their servers are located in North America, Europe, and the United.
  4. g Soon: Minecraft; Sign Up For Free. Game. Email Address. Password. Region. Plan. Start 8-Hour Free Trial! Got a promocode? Use It! Already a customer? Sign In! Free Trial Sign up without paying, and try out a game server for 8 hours! Make it permanent by adding a credit card before the clock runs out.

Rust game server rental with instant setup and Oxide support - Overcome struggles of Rust and battle your enemies with private multiplayer server hosting Find the best Cracked Rust server by using our multiplayer servers list. Ranking and search for Cracked Rust servers

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Mods Rust Servers servers monitoring - here you find the best Rust online servers with a good rating and for every taste. Select the Rust server you are interested in from the list, copy the server address and join it. We wish you a good game! Reset . Search . Version All versions 2301 2293 2283 2279 2275 2274. Servers found: 22 . 24/7 procedural map 2301 5/6[US]RustedZombies.com[Kits][9X. Our Rust server hosting is highly specialized and tuned to perfection. GTXGaming has been hosting Rust servers since its first release in 2013 and we have developed our control panel into a powerhouse of features that make hosting a Rust server a breeze. Our easy to use control panel makes changing the server settings easy with easy to use drop-down boxes, and text input fields. We have full.

MYSQL Datenbank ( Optional ) für Stats, Plugins, Mods . BESTELLEN . Rust Server mieten von PGS, hole dir jetzt einen Rust Gameserver von PGS und genieße die unglaubliche Performance unserer Server. Spiele endlich dein Lieblingsspiel ohne lästige Lags oder nerviges geruckel. Den Servern wird bei uns beste Hardware zur Verfügung gestellt, einfach mal testen du wirst begeistert sein. Bei uns. How to install plugins/mods on your Rust server Categories 8. Billing Panel. 2. Dedicated Servers. 6. Domain Management. 54. Game Servers . 9. Minecraft Bedrock Servers. 56. Minecraft Java Servers. Once you have uploaded your mods, restart your server. Once it is up, please stop it again. Now connect via Filezilla to the Saves-FTP ( saves.4netplayers.com ) · Highly Modded Fully Customised Official RustyDesigners.net Rust Servers! RustyDesigners.net - Rust Servers! - EU/US HOSTED RUST SERVERS - X10000000000 FUN PVP BATTLEFIELD WEEKLY/DAILY - 2X WEEKLY SOLO/DUO/TRI While remaining in-game, open your Rust server's control panel and then click Console to access your server's console. 3. In your server's console, type the following commands to add a user as an Admin on your Rust server: ownerid 64_bit_steam_id optional_user_name optional_reason server.writecfg. 4. You can add users as a Moderator on your Rust server with the following commands.

Servername: ChillVille (in community Modded servers) We need a few casual fun players for our server. We are a group of 4-6 regular players who run a smallish server with minimal mods. We have decay turned off for buildings and vehicles so that you can take a few days off and return to where you left off (assuming you've not been raided). If you're into a generally chill play styles and. Step 3: Stop the RUST server. Step 4: Open the File Manager. Step 5: Navigate to the following folder: server/my_server_identity/. To delete the player data only, delete the Storage.db and UserPersistence.db files. This includes blueprints, inventories, positions, etc. To delete the world data only, enter the 'save' directory (server/my_server_identity/save) and delete the saved map folders. Game Servers Rust Rust | How to add Mods / Plugins Categories 8. Billing. 1. Dedicated Servers. 2. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. 15. Game Panel. 764. Game Servers. 9. General. 2. Performance. 4. Voice Servers . 5. Web Hosting. Categories Support My Support Tickets Announcements Knowledgebase Downloads Network Status Open Ticket Rust | How to add Mods / Plugins Print Rust How to add Mods. Slayers Rust specializes in Perfectly Modded Custom Map servers for a more unique and interesting gameplay experience. We have a friendly community and know you will have a enjoyable time playing on our servers Best 10 RUST Server Hosts. From the 22 different companies I have tested I narrowed the list down to 10 to make browsing through the results easier. If you are in a rush you can just skim the titles to find the best overall, the cheapest, or the best provider for modding. Let's begin with the best overall RUST server hosting company I picke

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  1. In principle, you should know that when we talk about Rust Server Manager, it is nothing more than a series of Premium tools. These are in charge of helping you in the best way so that you can manage a server focused on its own characteristics, and of course already known of what the Rust game is
  2. Treuebonus: Vote-Link Modded : https://rust-servers.net/server/14935
  3. Hallo, zusammen. ich hab mir ein Rust Server gemietet und wollte da nun ein paar plugins einfügen, wie zb. das Levelsystem und 3 oder 5x Loot . Da das alles für mich das erste mal ist und ich auf Youtube und co einfach nicht durch blicke benötige ic
  4. control panels, which supports over 75 games. If you are also fond of Terraria game, here are the most impressive Terraria servers that you can find
  5. Check it out Here today to see why everyone loves playing with mods. The 5 Best Vanilla Rust Servers. With so many vanilla rust servers, you are spoilt for choice. So, we have shortlisted the 5 best for you: 1. GFLClan (Games for Life): GFL, or Games For Life, is one of the most popular vanilla servers out there. It boasts of a community player base of over 53,000. One of the reasons for its.

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  1. If you play on different modded servers with different chat commands you can make more than one binds.cfg file (example: rustoria.cfg, blueberry.cfg, pixie.cfg, ect.), then you just have to load the one you need. You May Also Like: Rust - Power Outputs / Quick Sheet (2019) Rust - Raid Cost / Quick Sheet (2019) Rust - Chat Won't Send (Fix
  2. g experiences. Servers List; Sign Up; All Activity; Home ; Our Servers ; Server Information. SCP Roleplay. Server IP | 142.252.253 .39:27015 Server.
  3. istrator eines Rust-Servers sind. Es ist also unter keinen Gesichtspunkten möglich, dass sie von einem anderen Spieler verwendet werden können. Auf der anderen Seite verlassen wir auch die Rust Player Befehlsliste. Sie müssen sich also nur bewusst sein, dass Sie ein Ad
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  1. Hier findest du alle privaten Vanilla Server. Wenn du Rust so spielen willst, wie es die Entwickler vorgesehen haben, bist du hier richtig. Info: Das Spielen auf einem Vanilla Server ist sehr langwierig. Die Stacks in deinem Inventar sind recht klein, somit ist dein Inventar schnell voll. Modifizierte Server: Hier findest du die unterschiedlichsten Modifikationen. Die wichtigsten Mods stehen.
  2. Rust servers hosted by RAMShard are automatically added to the Community or Modded server list in Rust, depending on if your server is modded or un-modded. If your server is not appearing in this list, it is usually caused by one of multiple common reasons. If your server is not appearing in the Rust server lists, it can usually be solved with one of the following steps: Update your Rust.
  3. Ihren Server haben Sie binnen weniger Sekunden von den vorherigen Bauten befreit, hierfür müssen Sie nochmals Ihr Webinterface öffnen. Auf dem Webinterface angekommen navigieren Sie nun erneut zu Ihrem Rust - Gameserver und öffnen dort den FileManager
  4. Find the best RP Rust server by using our multiplayer servers list. Ranking and search for RP Rust servers
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Oxide is a Rust mod that allows a Rust server to run Oxide Rust plugins. These plugins can modify features on your server that can range from extra backpack inventory space to full economy rewards for completing certain tasks on a Rust server. MCProHosting Rust servers run through Linux. To install Oxide manually to your Rust server: 1 Rust Modded Server. Install Oxide (uMod) on your Rust server in just one click with our control panel. Then you're free to add your own Oxide mods. There are no limits! And if you need help adding your mods, check out our in-depth guide on creating and customizing your Rust server.. LGSM: Multiple rust servers (Modded & Vanilla) Discussion in 'Rust Discussion' started by xuNsh1ne, Mar 8, 2016. xuNsh1ne. Hello, I'm trying to set up 2 different rust servers - 1 vanilla server (already running) and 1 modded server (not working). I have set up the server the following way: I created a new linux-user and downloaded the script and edited it. Code: # Server Details servicename. The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Whatever it takes to survive. Server Functions Instant Installation After your order is placed and payment is.

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